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Sir Walter Raleigh's birthplace.JPG

Hayes Barton

Sir Walter Raleigh's birthplace

Sherborne Old Castle.JPG

The ruins of Sherborne Old Castle, where the Raleighs first lived. 

Sherborne Old Castle (2).JPG
Today's Sherborne Castle.JPG


New Castle

as it is today.

Raleigh built the middle part, with its four towers.

Sherborne Castle (2).JPG

Raleigh's Statue 

at East Budleigh,

Devon, created by sculptress Vivien Westwood.

Raleigh's Statue 5.jpg

The residents lost their bid to have an existing statue from London relocated here, in the village where Sir Walter was born, and so commissioned their own, unveiled by the Duke of Kent in 2006.

All Saints Church, East Budleigh.jpg

All Saints Church,

East Budleigh,

and one of the embroidered hassocks.

SWR hassock.jpg
Raleigh in church.jpg

More tributes to Sir Walter in All Saints Church, East Budleigh.

Plaque in church.jpg

Sir Walter Raleigh Inn,

East Budleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh Inn (2).jpg
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